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WeBuyBrokenPhones.com is a brand-new website which buys and recycles your old phone, usually for more than other competitors along with a quicker pay-out.
We sat down with WeBuyBrokenPhones team to understand what the brand wanted to create and the ideas they wanted to portray. We split the project into two – phase 1 and phase 2. Phase 1 consisted of building an interactive website so that customers could understand and see what the brand had to offer. This led to phase 2, which provided a much more dynamic and search-based e-commerce platform.
CreativePixels created a sleek yet creative layout which ensured that WeBuyBrokenPhones.com’s brand stood out but also providing credibility. We made it incredibly important that it was easy for potential customers to get into contact with the company which met the criteria.

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“I've really enjoyed the experience of working with CreativePixels. They have been extremely responsive, helpful as well as making sure to be pro-active. Using their project management system has proven to be a real positive for our communication. I've already started to suggest their services for anyone looking to create websites like WBBP."
Howard Simms, Co-founder of Apadmi | WeBuyBrokenPhones.com
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